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Psychosynthesis - a brief description

Psychosynthesis is a person-centred therapy, "synthesizing" and balancing all aspects of the person we are - whether a parent, a sibling, a teacher, a father or mother, an emergency worker, a university lecturer, or a counsellor!

In Psychosynthesis, all the various parts of us are sub-personalities - the angry person we might become when waiting for a late train, or the judgemental teacher we might become if situations feel out of control or the Helper or Carer we are when we look out for our younger siblings, but don't even realise we are doing so. Any one of these sub-personalities might have been discarded or thrown away in the past. And we may have emphasized only those parts of ourselves we want others to see.

In Psychosynthesis, the ignored, discarded - or really valued, can be integrated into our everyday personality again. Yet this time, they might even hold the greatest strength - even those frightening parts which might have seeped out, and which we might frantically choose to suffocate. It is only later that we realise what a lot of energy has drained away...

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